Love & Heartbreak: Robinson’s ‘Watching You’ EP Is Pop Perfection

Mike Wass | February 26, 2020 9:30 am
Robinson's Dreamy 'Don't Say'
Kiwi pop star Robinson confirms her status as One To Watch with 'Don't Say.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with Robinson’s “Watching You” video. Check it out below.

New Zealand’s Robinson landed a huge streaming hit with “Nothing To Regret” in 2018. That success resulted in a major label deal with Columbia Records and she has steadily been chipped away at an EP ever since. The first taste of it arrived last year in the form of “Don’t Say,” a dreamy synth-pop anthem dripping in melancholy, and she now continues in that vein on “Watching You.” The title track of the singer/songwriter’s debut EP (out today) is perfect counter-programming for Valentine’s Day. In that it doesn’t exactly have a happy ending.

“You know I’ll always pick up your call, ’cause I’d rather half than nothing at all,” Robinson laments in a verse. “I heard that you’ve found someone, did you really find someone?” She then earns serious drama queen points on the chorus. “I’m too tired to pretend that last night didn’t hurt, when you called me a friend and it wouldn’t be the first time you made me cry,” the Kiwi sings over Sam De Jong’s crisp synths. “You don’t even know why and I’m watching you as you watching her.” Which is as creepy as it is understandable.

“It’s about the absolute discomfort and utter heartbreak that comes with watching the person you’re in love with, be in love with someone else and how confusing and conflicting that is to come to terms with those feelings,” Robinson explains in the press release. The rest of the breakout star’s Watching You EP is equally exquisite and well worth a listen. Stream all four songs below.

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