Lizzo Covers Harry Styles’ “Adore You” In ‘Live Lounge’

Mike Nied | February 17, 2020 2:50 pm

Lizzo and Harry Styles are on track to become the coolest pair of friends in pop music. The duo made headlines last month when the “Truth Hurts” superstar shared the stage with the One Direction alum at a show. However, their back and forth has been going on for a little longer than that. Last year, Harry performed a cover of “Juice” during his set at BBC Radio1’s Live Lounge. Today (February 17), Lizzo returned the favor. How so? By working a cover of “Adore You” into the setlist for her Live Lounge performance.

And she really made the track (one of my favorites off Fine Line) her own. Vocals and an iconic flute solo were served. Where can I start a petition that mandates Harry should add a flute segment to his live shows? Also how can this new power pair possibly make the situation even better? Obviously the logical next step is to hit the studio to record a true duet. It’s what we deserve, really. While we pray for that to happen, press play on Lizzo’s cover and her other numbers below below. You can also watch Harry’s take on “Juice.”

“Adore You”

“Good As Hell”

“Cuz I Love You”


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