Astrid S Joins Forces With Brett Young For Country Duet “I Do”

Mike Wass | February 27, 2020 11:00 pm
Astrid S Drops 'Down Low' EP
The Norwegian pop star drops an EP of stripped-back gems called 'Down Low.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with Astrid & Brett’s “I Do.” Listen to the winning country-pop concoction below.

Well, I didn’t see this one coming! Astrid S is teaming up with country hitmaker Brett Young for a duet called “I Do” (due February 28). The Norwegian pop star, who is best known for her icy electro-pop anthems, revealed the cover art on Instagram and celebrated the occasion with a simple “yee-haw.” While a country detour is surprising, Astrid has been experimenting with a more organic, stripped-back sound of late — most notably on 2019’s excellent Down Low EP. This could be the next step in her musical evolution.

The announcement comes after the 23-year-old postponed her upcoming world tour to finish up her long-awaited debut LP. “Unfortunately I have some bad news,” she wrote in an open letter to fans. “Last year I made a plan that I was going to release an album in 2020 that I wanted to go on tour with and play for all of you. But unfortunately I don’t have an album. Not one that I’m a 100 percent happy with.” After a lot of soul searching, Astrid decided put the tour on hold. “The best thing to do in the long run… is to not to rush out music that I don’t love.”

See the cover for Astrid & Brett’s “I Do,” a song she is 100 percent happy with, below.

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