Sun, Sand & Ice Cream: Cyn’s “I Can’t Believe” Video Is A Good Time

Mike Wass | February 19, 2020 3:41 pm
Interview: Cyn Talks 'Mood Swing' EP
We speak to Cyn about her 'Mood Swing' EP and bringing the fun back to pop.

Cyn’s Mood Swing, which famously sounds “like a Parisian park, not a Parisian burlesque club,” ranked as one of my favorite EPs of 2020. The eclectic, mood-lifting collection is essential listening from beginning to end, but “I Can’t Believe” is one of the songs that really stands out. At a time when pop is becoming increasingly dark and tortured, here is a toe-tapper that exudes optimism and gratitude. As such, it’s only fitting that the EP highlight get a sunny visual that celebrates the good things in life.

“I had always envisioned a video for ‘I Can’t Believe’ with an emphasis on friendship, ice cream cones, soccer balls, and fun-loving energy,” Cyn explains. “I am so excited to share a natural and honest interpretation of a song that means the absolute world to me. It feels incredible to get this portrayal off my chest especially in a way that feels authentic.” The breakout star’s Mood Swing EP is being released on vinyl on April 24. Pre-order a copy here and watch Cyn’s feel-good “I Can’t Believe” video below.

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