Riker Lynch Celebrates National Margarita Day With “My Girl Rita”

Mike Nied | February 21, 2020 12:45 pm

It’s only February, but I keep telling myself summer is right around the corner. And thankfully before it gets here we have another tropical holiday to celebrate. That would be National Margarita Day of course. And Riker Lynch is marking the occasion in serious style. Last year the R5 hitmaker launched an exciting new artist project: Riker And The Beachcombers. He kicked off the venture with his scintillating lead single “Sex On The Beach.” Today (February 21) he puts another unique twist on the cocktail theme with new single “My Girl Rita.”

In his hands, the title works as both an ode to the tropical beverage and a sweet fling. With its steel drums and bright instrumentals the song is all but guaranteed to heat up even the chilliest months. How did it come together? Riker spilled the tea. “I remember hanging out with Jon Robert Hall, a fellow musician and good friend of mine, at our friend Darren Criss’s bar in Hollywood,” he explained. “Jon turns to me and he says he’s got this idea for a song, ‘My Girl Rita’ but you sing it like margarita.’ He says – ‘it would be perfect for you!’ I told him I was all in.. I was incredibly excited about it.”

Give “My Girl Rita” a listen and check out the video (which Riker co-directed with Gordy De St. Jeor) below.

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