Justin Timberlake Taps SZA For “The Other Side” From ‘Trolls 2’

Mike Wass | February 26, 2020 10:00 am
Meek Mill & JT's 'Believe'
The rapper teams up with Justin Timberlake for an inspiring track called 'Believe.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with the video for “The Other Side.” On the first listen, it’s no “Can’t Stop The Feeling!,” but it could be a grower.

Justin Timberlake has been unusually prolific in 2020. The superstar recently popped up as the featured vocalist on Meek Mill’s “Believe” and now turns his attention to Trolls 2. JT co-produced the entire soundtrack and is hoping to land another “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”-sized hit with “The Other Side” featuring SZA. The 39-year-old announced the title this morning (February 25) and shared a sneak peek at the recording process via an Instagram video. In it, Justin can be seen tinkering with the song in the studio.

At one point, he confides in Swedish super-producer Ludwig Göransson that he is looking for “a unicorn” (i.e. a magical song) and then helps SZA track her vocal. Happily, we’ll know sooner rather than later if JT has managed to conjure a majestic, one-horned beast. “The Other Side” debuts tomorrow along with the video, which finds the collaborators inside a silver, padded room. “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” won a Grammy, reached number one and went four times platinum, so the stakes are high for Justin’s new Trolls anthem.

Watch “The Other Side” below.

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