Lady Gaga Shares A Glimpse Of Trippy “Stupid Love” Video

Mike Wass | February 27, 2020 2:00 am
Lady Gaga Confirms 'Stupid Love'
It's official! Gaga is releasing 'Stupid Love' as the lead single from 'LG6.'

EDIT: Lady Gaga has confirmed that the video was actually filmed on an iPhone.

There’s nothing like an old-fashioned single rollout. At a time when surprise drops and videos filmed on iPhones are increasingly the norm, Lady Gaga is going against the grain with “Stupid Love.” From the announcement of the title (via a billboard of all things) through to the first promo pic of the era, there’s something wonderfully familiar about this release. The next step? A visual teaser. Remember them? You know, when artists used to hype their videos with more than an Instagram post.

As expected, Mother Monster is going all out with “Stupid Love.” In fact, the 50-second preview probably had a bigger budget than most of the videos released in 2020. The clip begins with a sweeping panorama of a crystal-filled landscape and then closes in on Gaga in full intergalactic love goddess drag. She is surrounded by a group of devotees, who wear headdresses, masks and leaves. It’s an intriguing glimpse of what promises to be another iconic visual. Watch the “Stupid Love” video teaser below.

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