Premiere: Ryland James Drops A Video For “Shoulder To Cry On”

Mike Nied | February 28, 2020 8:54 am

Ryland James needs to be on your radar. Armed with an evocative voice and sharp pen, the talented 21-year-old emerged as one of last year’s breakout stars. He already amassed millions of Spotify streams and landed a tour spot with Alessia Cara, but that’s just the start of his takeover. Earlier this month the hitmaker dropped a new single called “Shoulder To Cry On.” On it he comes to grips with an emotionally fraught relationship. Basically, he’s dealing with feelings for someone who doesn’t love him back. Realization hits on the anthemic chorus, which strikes upon the same sing-along quality as anything by Shawn Mendes.

“You tell me it’s love, you won’t let him go. You play with my heart, and it’s growing cold,” he passionately belts. “See I’m just a shoulder to cry on.” I wouldn’t be surprised to see this racking up serious streams in the coming weeks. It could easily be the song to launch Ryland to the next level of stardom. And today (February 28) he brings it to life with an accompanying video. Directed by Andrew Sandler, it features striking scenery and footage of the rising star deep in his feelings. Opening with a panoramic view of the mountains, the camera zooms in on our heartbroken hero who faces down a windstorm and eventually seems to find a sense of closure.

The Canadian opened up about the project in an exclusive shared statement. “’Shoulder To Cry On’ is one of my favorite songs. It’s essentially about being ‘friend-zoned,'” he explained of the song’s origin. “When someone you care about continues to put themselves in hurtful situations, then turns back to you when that situation inevitably turns negative again. Whether it’s a family member, friend or a love interest, I think we all can relate to that feeling.” Too true. Here’s the best part: We’re proud to partner with Ryland to bring you an exclusive first look at the moody and cinematic visual. Check it out up top and let us know what you think.

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