Miley Cyrus Says Her New Album Will Be “Super Rock & Roll”

Mike Wass | March 4, 2020 12:00 am
Miley's 'Mother's Daughter' Video
The pop star promotes self-love and body positivity in her 'Mother's Daughter' video.

The long, agonizing wait for Miley Cyrus’ 7th LP, presumably still titled She Is Miley Cyrus, could almost be over. The pop icon called into an Australian radio station earlier this week and spilled a little tea. “I am getting super close, I am feeling the urgency,” the 27-year-old revealed. “I am definitely actively on it and ready to go.” Here’s where it gets really interesting. “I’ve got some music that is sounding super rock and roll and I’m just excited to share, but not too much longer.”

We already knew that Mark Ronson was involved — where is “Bad Karma”? — and it sounds like he played a role in distilling her new rock sound. “Me and Mark, we have about two, three songs on my next project together,” Miley told listeners. “Kind of like Joan Jett vibes to it, just bringing back rock n roll. I currently have my dad’s haircut, I’m excited to bring that also.” The super producer had previously revealed that the Bangerz queen was also switching it up lyrically. “If 2019 was for the [heart]break, 2020 is for the [heart]breaker’s.”

Listen to Miley’s radio interview below.

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