Dixie Chicks Return With Jack Antonoff-Produced “Gaslighter”

Mike Wass | March 4, 2020 2:55 pm

EDIT: Unfortunately, Dixie Chicks have postponed the release of their comeback album due to COVID-19. As yet, there is no rescheduled release date.

They’re back! Dixie Chicks will release their first album in 14 long, painful years on May 1. Gaslighter was co-produced with Jack Antonoff and is already available to pre-order. If you’re wondering how the iconic band’s sound has changed over the intervening years, the answer is… not much. The title track, which arrived today, displays all the hallmarks of their classic hits. Namely, sweet harmonies, crisp songwriting and serious attitude. The production has simply been brought up to date.

“We moved to California and followed your dreams, I believed the promises you made to me,” the country legends begin the song. “Swore that night ’till death do us part, but you lie-lie-lie-lie-lied.” They come for blood on the chorus. “Gaslighter, denier,” the Dixie Chicks sing. “Doin’ anything to get your ass farther.” It will be interesting to see how country radio responds, but then again — who cares? Natalie, Emily and Martie certainly don’t. After all, they have been raging against the machine for decades.

The band’s bad-assery (not a real word, but I’m going with it) is front and center in their “Gaslighter” video. Directed by Seanne Farmer, the clip shows the indefatigable power of women through the centuries. Watch below.

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