John Lennon’s Eldest Son Believes His Father Sent Him A Profound Message From The Afterlife

Sara | March 5, 2020 11:43 am

When losing a loved one, it’s only natural to wish that they could communicate something of significance. Julian Lennon not only longed for this but received it loud and clear. The message he interpreted from his late father, musician John Lennon, was so meaningful that it changed his life and motivated him to change the lives of others. Read on to discover how a strained father-son relationship transformed into a beautiful message of peace, and the will to move on for the better.

Meet Julian Lennon

Middle-aged Julian grins to the side of the camera.
John Parra/Getty Images
John Parra/Getty Images

While John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s child, Sean Lennon, has received media attention from a young age, you may be surprised to hear that John had a son long before Sean. Julian Lennon was born during John’s first marriage, which was to Cynthia Lennon.

Born in Liverpool in 1963, Julian was named after John’s mother, Julia, who had passed a few years prior. Though he inspired multiple songs from The Beatles, he didn’t always feel close to his famous father.