Lola Young Kicks Off 2020 With Bruising Breakup Anthem “Pick Me Up”

Mike Wass | March 5, 2020 2:16 pm
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EDIT: The post has been updated with Lola’s striking “Pick Me Up” visual. Watch it below.

Lola Young cements her status as one of 2020’s most exciting new talents with “Pick Me Up.” Don’t be deceived by the title. This isn’t about finding a new fella, rather it deals with getting the last one out of your system. “Been too long since we got together, I did you wrong but you were never any better,” the 19-year-old Brit begins the song. “Said I put you through your favorite kind of weather.” After reminiscing about the not-so-good times, she goes for the jugular on the chorus.

“I wanted to feel you is that too much for you to give? There’s no point in I miss you ’cause I aint ever had you to begin with,” Lola sings over Manuka’s beat-driven production. “You let me down, you didn’t pick me back up.” The newcomer gives the song more context in the press release. “[It’s] about the struggles of a relationship, and the highs and lows of being in love but also the difficulty of feeling like you only want a person more when they let you down,” she explains. If “Pick Me Up” is any indication, Lola’s second EP Renaissance (due April 7) is going to be essential listening.

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