The Aces Launch A New Era With Comeback Single “Daydream”

Mike Nied | March 24, 2020 10:00 am

EDIT: The Aces run riot in their just-released “Daydream” video. Check out the cinematic clip below.

Well, here’s some good news to brighten the end of the week: The Aces are back. It’s been two years since the foursome dropped their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic. In that time they’ve kept busy touring and working on new music. Yesterday (March 4) we got a first taste of what they’ve been cooking up in the studio when they unveiled their comeback single “Daydream.” And the track is just as ephemeral as the title suggests. On it, the girls deal with the difficult situation of being separated from a loved one. “Just hold on to the memory of me riding in your front seat every day,” they sing.

“And I’ll hold on to the smell of your sweater that you wore in December when we met.” Of course, the anthem takes flight as they move into the sing-along chorus. “Daydream about me, and I know that you hate the nights without me. Baby, I hate ’em, too. But you know I’m coming back to you.” As it turns out the song is based on real-life experiences from their time on the road. “‘Daydream’ is about what it’s like to be away from a loved one,” they explained a press release. “When we’re on tour, we’re leaving a love note and memento saying, ‘I’m thinking of you, so daydream about me.’”

They also opened up about their one of their chief musical goals. “We want our fans to feel submerged in this music and walk away feeling closer to us than ever,” the band said. Listen to the latest from Cristal and Alisa Ramirez, McKenna Petty, and Katie Henderson below and let us know what you think. You can also get information about where to see them live here.

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