‘Bangerz’ Revisited: We Look Back On Miley Cyrus’s Wildest Era

Mike Nied | March 12, 2020 4:09 pm

It’s difficult for young stars to navigate the transition from teen idol to adult star. However, it appears Miley Cyrus had no qualms paving her own way. The then 17-year-old let us know she couldn’t be tamed with the release of her third album in 2010. And she upped the ante with her follow-up Bangerz three years later. That’s when the pop princess threw the rulebook out the window and lived life at her controversial and creative best. How so? Well, the “We Can’t Stop” diva chopped off her signature long locks in favor of a platinum bob that would make Katy Perry jealous.

She continued to throw her middle fingers in the face of expectations of how a pop star should behave. Instead of covering up as she had in her Disney days, Miley dared to bare. And she bared quite a bit in eye-popping photoshoots, music videos and stage performances like at the 2013 MTV VMAs where her twerking and unforgettable foam finger stole the night. That was just a taste of what she had in store, though. As “Wrecking Ball” soared up the charts (eventually topping the Billboard Hot 100), she continued living her best life. It was nonstop love, money, parties and posing with her tongue out for the whole era.

Basically Miley was living her best life from start to finish. And we can only hope she does the same as she gears up for her upcoming, rock and roll-inspired era. In the meantime, revisit a time when life was easier and look back on some of the hitmakers most unforgettable looks up top. You can also play “Wrecking Ball” below.

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