Madonna Says Madame X Did Not Die In Paris

Mike Wass | March 17, 2020 1:03 pm
Madonna Cancels 'Madame X Tour'
The Queen of Pop canceled the final dates on her 'Madame X Tour' due to COVID-19.

If you thought Madame X was rotting in a coffin somewhere think again! Madonna fired up her iconic Instagram account to give fans an update on the globe-trotting freedom fighter. “Madame X did not die in Paris,” she says in reference to her final show before the tour was canceled. “Her journey continues [in] quarantine out of respect for COVID-19.” Not that it’s all plain sailing. “I am still in pain with no cure in sight thanks to all the borders being closed. I shall learn from this and grow stronger. For now, I will continue to fight.”

The Queen of Pop promises to remain creative while in self-isolation with her 25-year-old boyfriend Ahla Malik. “Ironically, the brand of this typewriter is Corona,” Madonna types. “Words and type-written letters make me feel alive, remind me there are so many stories to tell and share with the world. After all, stories are all we have. We rely on stories to guide us and shape us and teach us and show us the way.” Her other plans for quarantine? “Words and love and food,” she reveals. “I could murder a bowl of pasta.”

Catch up with Madame X below.

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