Niall Horan On Working With Lewis Capaldi & A Possible Post Malone Collaboration

Mike Wass | March 18, 2020 5:37 pm
Album Review: Niall's 'Heartbreak Weather'
No Sophomore slump. Niall Horan gets it very, very right on 'heartbreak Weather.'

Niall Horan called into The Rebecca Judd Show on Apple Music to chat about his very-good Heartbreak Weather LP and a pair of possible collaborations. “I would love to work with Post Malone,” the Irishman reveals. “Because me and him, when we chat, we always chat about our tastes in music and we have very similar tastes. Quite folky and we talk about [Bob Dylan] and we talk about Fleetwood Mac,” he elaborates. “I mean, ‘Circles.’ It’s just a Fleetwood Mac jam, isn’t it? But with a modern Post Malone twist on it.”

“We’ve spoken about maybe trying to do something, but it’s the same with everyone. Until you’re in the same room, it’s not happening.” The 26-year-old has made more progress with a different collaborator. “Myself and Lewis Capaldi have written together a couple of times,” Niall explains. “Two of us, like a ballad. So we’ve written a couple of tunes before, one that we think is alright. We never really got around to finishing it because he was doing about 95 thousand shows last year. Busiest man on the planet.”

The “How To Meet Ya” hitmaker also reflected on Flicker, his chart-topping debut LP. “To me, it sounds quite young and a touch naïve to that type of song,” he says honestly. “Yeah, just sounded a little bit naïve and I feel like it’s what I’ve learned in the last three years, just to really demonstrate or try and get into different levels of production and stuff because I feel like it was a little bit basic.” Well, I liked it! Listen to Niall’s fun interview on Apple Music here.

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