Madonna Is Singing About Fried Fish On Instagram

Mike Wass | March 20, 2020 1:16 pm
Flashback: Madonna's 'Girl Gone Wild'
Madonna's 2012 banger 'Girl Gone Wild' should have been a massive smash hit.

Everyone has their own of dealing with social distancing and self quarantine. For Madonna, it includes singing about fried fish to the tune of “Vogue.” The living legend fired up her iconic Instagram this morning (March 20) to share a video of her singing into a hairbrush. “C’mon go! Let’s go eat some fried fish,” she belts in her bathroom. “‘Cause there’s no more pasta, oh no! So we’re gonna eat some fried fish.” First of all, can someone please send the Queen of Pop a crate of pasta?

Secondly, I hope Madonna reinvents another classic hit every meal time because this is giving me life. In other, semi-adjacent news, the “Crave” hitmaker confirmed that Madame X is not dead. She’s just laying low in isolation. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I’m glad the globe-trotting, freedom-fighting equestrian is still among the land of the living. Who knows? Maybe quarantine will give Madonna the time and energy to work on new music. Check out her fried fish bop below.

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