Shakira Urges Governments To Be More Proactive Against Coronavirus

Mike Wass | March 22, 2020 11:54 pm
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Shakira has been a tireless activist for the poor and underprivileged in Colombia (watch her excellent documentary film to find out more information about her many charitable initiatives), so it’s only fitting that she be one of the few voices of reason in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis. The “Me Gusta” hitmaker shared a video on her social media accounts, urging world leaders to be more proactive. “Many countries are either not following the World Health Organization’s recommendations or being too slow to take measures, or are prioritizing the economy over the wellbeing of their citizens,” she begins.

“From my experience in the last few weeks living here in Europe, we have realized that the virus is too fast and our leaders are way too slow.” Shakira then proposes an overwhelmingly logical plan. “All countries should work together with the World Heath Organization in a coordinated worldwide plan and, for countries that now have few cases, should learn from the mistakes we are now paying for in European countries where the reactions were too late,” the 43-year-old told more than 200 million cumulative followers.

“Let’s urge our leaders to implement 15 days of extreme social distancing, close schools and public places where [there are] social gatherings to flatten that curve and prevent further spread especially in countries that are underprepared for proving adequate medical care like in Latin America and Africa,” she continues. “Let’s stay home for 15 days for the sake of the poor, the sick, the elderly and vulnerable people everywhere.” Watch Shakira’s stirring plea below.

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