JoJo Teams Up With Tori Kelly For A Live Cover Of “When You Believe”

Mike Wass | March 24, 2020 12:29 am
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Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston’s 1998 single, “When You Believe,” is the holy grail of diva duets. Their version, which was taken from The Prince Of Egypt soundtrack, only reached number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 upon release, but has grown in stature with each passing year. Quite simply, the modern pop girls can’t compete. Or can they? Today (March 23), Tori Kelly fired up her Instagram for a livestream with fans and invited JoJo to drop in for a little surprise. What happened next is essential listening.

Tori and JoJo sang a live, a cappella version of “When You Believe” and absolutely crushed it. They delivered vocals, raw emotion and a couple of notes that only dogs can hear. The current health crisis facing humanity has forced artists to connect with fans in new and occasionally not-so interesting ways, but this is easily the best thing to come of it. It’s unlikely, but I would love a studio version ā€” or, at least, a Spotify live session ā€” so we can hear them harmonize. That’s the only ingredient missing from this magical concoction. Listen below.

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