Hailee Steinfeld Samples Annie Lennox On New Single “I Love You’s”

Mike Wass | March 31, 2020 1:00 pm
Hailee's 'Wrong Direction'
Hailee Steinfeld kicks off 2020 with emotional ballad 'Wrong Direction.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with Hailee’s stunning, black-and-white “I Love You’s” video. Watch it below.

It’s a big day for Hailee Steinfeld fans. The pop star/actress has rolled out a new single called “I Love You’s” and announced an as-yet untitled two-part project. As I guessed from the 23-year-old’s social media hints, the song samples Annie Lennox’s 1995 hit “No More I Love You’s” and includes the original’s iconic “doo-bee-doo-bee-doo-doo-doo, ah” refrain. “Diamonds won’t fool me ’cause I’m too far gone,” Hailee sings on a newly-written verse. “Wish I could get back the air in my lungs, I’ve been so fucked up it’s bad for my heart.”

That takes us to the chorus. “No more I love you’s, it’s too easy to say,” she sings. “No more I love you’s, until I’m okay.” It turns out, the lyrics are autobiographical. “After going through a breakup, I decided I needed time to focus on myself and heal without the distractions of another relationship,” Hailee explains in the press release. “There’s something really empowering about deciding what’s best for you and putting yourself first. That’s what this record is about.”

As for her debut project? Well, Part 1 arrives on May 1. It houses five tracks including “I Love You’s” and the emotional ballad “Wrong Direction.” Hailee is expected to announce the title and tracklist very soon.

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