Madonna Uploads Live Performance Of “Vogue” From ‘Blond Ambition Tour’

Mike Wass | April 1, 2020 2:39 pm
Madonna's 'Vogue' Turns 30
Strike a pose! Madonna's iconic hit 'Vogue' celebrates its 30th birthday.

Maybe there’s hope for April. Madonna kicks off the month by uploading a live performance of “Vogue” from 1990’s pioneering Blond Ambition Tour and it’s every bit as brilliantly conceived as I remember. In many ways, Blond Ambition was the blueprint for the modern pop concert. Before this, most artists were happy to stand in front of a microphone and change their outfit once or twice. The Queen of Pop really shook things up by giving choreography, costumes and production as much attention as the live vocal.

Of course, this was still early days and the performance looks a little raw by today’s standards. (She could have done with some additional lighting). What hasn’t wearied with time is Madonna’s incredible dance routine — today’s pop girls can’t compete — and her sheer magnetism on stage. Given that the sexy 61-year-old is notoriously unsentimental, this is a rare treat. Hopefully, we’ll even get a Blu-ray of the tour one of these days. Anyway, relive the pop genius that is “Vogue” below and read my 30th anniversary writeup here.

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