A Shotgun Wedding: Delacey Gets Hitched In Her “Chapel” Video

Mike Wass | April 2, 2020 5:53 pm
New Find: Delacey's 'My Man'
One To Watch. Delacey makes a great first impression with 'My Man.'

After making waves as a songwriter (she co-penned Halsey’s chart-topping “Without Me” among other hits), Delacey decided to focus on her own music. The fiery, retro-swag of “My Man” heralded the newcomer as One To Watch and she continued to build a following with gems like “The Subway Song” and “Cruel Intentions.” The 27-year-old’s much-anticipated debut LP, Black Coffee, arrived last week and it showcases her wicked pen and smoky delivery to full effect — particularly on semi-scandalous songs like “Chapel.”

“I still like the way you see me, you still don’t believe I’m crazy,” Delacey admits on a brutally honest verse. “Maybe I should have your babies, so when you find out the truth and it’s freaky — you can’t leave me.” The answer to any time-bomb of a relationship is obviously marriage as our heroine makes clear on the chorus. “Take me to the wedding chapel and marry me right now,” she belts. “Kinda wanna jump your bones and lock you down.” The Chandler Lass-directed video dropped today (April 2) and it’s a tables-turning delight. Watch below.

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