New Find: Eddie Benjamin Debuts With “F**k My Friends”

Mike Wass | April 3, 2020 12:02 am

Eddie Benjamin makes a great first impression with “Fuck My Friends.” Co-produced with Dan Gleyzer, the 18-year-old’s major label debut single is as relatable as it is catchy. “Fuck my friends, I don’t want to feel anything,” the Aussie newcomer begins the song. “Lost my face and I lost my brain, I don’t need their love.” Instead he opts to go solo. “Gonna have a party for one, blow my candle cause nobody comes,” Eddie sings over slinky beats. “It’s just me turning up, have my cake and eat it.”

The lyrics speak for themselves. “I have a close circle around me who I know very well,” the Sydney-sider, who first found fame by posting covers online, reveals. “However, some people will catch your attention only when they want something. Sometimes, you just need to be by yourself. It was a moment where I felt like a misfit and wanted to be alone. I was like, ‘Fuck everyone. I’m going to have a party of one.'” Again, big mood. Listen to Eddie’s memorable calling card below. He’s certainly One To Watch in 2020.

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