Gracie Abrams Is Back With Emotional Ballad “I Miss You, I’m Sorry”

Mike Wass | April 8, 2020 12:49 pm
Gracie Abrams Returns With '21'
Breakout star Gracie Abrams is back with a new single called '21.'

In many ways, Gracie Abrams’ “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” feels like a sequel to, or perhaps a continuation of, “21.” On the emotional ballad, she’s still trying to sort through the jumbled emotions that follow a breakup — including the very real temptation of trying to piece something irreparably broken back together. “You said ‘forever’ in the end I fought it, please be honest are we better for it?” the 20-year-old tortures herself. “Thought you’d hate me but instead you called and said ‘I miss you,’ I caught it.”

The breakout singer/songwriter continues to question her decisions on the chorus. “Nothing happened in the way I wanted, every corner of this house is haunted,” Gracie sings over Blake Slatkin’s piano-driven production. “And I know you said that we’re not talking, but I miss you — I’m sorry.” At this point, the newcomer already has enough material for a very good EP. (Particularly if you take “Stay” and “Mean It” into consideration). Hopefully, we get a larger body of work in the coming weeks.

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