Becky G Is A Biker Babe In Her Sexy “They Ain’t Ready” Video

Mike Wass | April 13, 2020 1:18 pm
Album Review: 'Mala Santa'
Becky G's debut album 'Mala Santa' was well and truly worth the wait.

Becky G is back with her best English-language single to date. (Yes, even better than the iconic “Shower” and “Break A Sweat”). “They Ain’t Ready” arrived last night and it’s a slick groove about a ride-or-die kind of love. “They don’t wanna see us try to make it work, I know they waitin’ on one of us to get hurt,” the 23-year-old coos. “They rather see you sobbin’ when you’re fallin’ apart, telling you things like Imma break your heart.” That takes us to the catchy chorus: “They ain’t ready for our love, ’cause what we got will never die.”

The idea of love beating the odds also comes across in the Daniel Duran-directed video. In it, Becky plays a biker babe who falls in love with a handsome stranger from another gang. She decides to follow her heart and flee with her man to Mexico. Aww. “[This] has always been a favorite English record of mine,” the Latin superstar reveals. “However, I must say this release is slightly bittersweet. At the time, this song was meant to inspire others to fight for love and come together despite their differences. Today, it not only stands for that, but also hope.”

“Given [the] current state of [our] nation, my priorities have recently been to educate myself as much as possible on COVID-19 and find as many ways as I can to help give back to others,” the hitmaker/activist continues. “While this has affected the entire world, the effects I’ve seen first hand in my LA community are devastating. As my first solo release since the pandemic, I’ve decided to give back to the kids and students of the LAUSD. They have approximately 700,000 students in their system, of which 80 percent live in poverty. I used to be one of those students.”

“With every limited edition ‘They Ain’t Ready’ t-shirt sold, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the LAUSD COVID-19 relief fund. Together, we can make sure that no child goes hungry and no student’s education falls through the cracks during these uncertain times. I love this song, I love my city & bringing my two worlds together in an effort to help others feels like the right thing to do. I have every intention to continue giving back to the ones most in need and this is one of the first steps to doing just that.” Watch Becky’s new visual below.

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