Kelly Rowland Returns With The Raunchy “Coffee”

Mike Wass | April 17, 2020 1:05 am
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We look back on Kelly Rowland's underrated club banger 'Commander.'

Kelly Rowland makes a very welcome return to New Music Friday with “Coffee.” The lead single from the Destiny’s Child diva’s long-awaited fifth LP is a raunchy affair that finds our heroine laying down the law in the bedroom. “Coffee and sex in the morning, breakfast in bed I’ve been wanting,” she begins the sexy bop. “Before you go to work, I need you to go to work.” If nothing else, “Coffee” is more subtle than “Kisses Down Low” (we truly love to see artistic growth).

The chorus is more of the same. “And when I wake up (wake up), soon as we wake up (wake up),” Ms. Kelly coos. “Wish we could lay up.” While it isn’t the radio-ready anthem I was hoping for, “Coffee” never wears out its welcome — the track runs for just over two minutes — and bounces around your head long after the final beat. Think of it as a throwback to “Motivation,” only without the feature and silky smooth production. Watch the comeback queen’s suitably sexy video below.

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