Gwen Stefani Was The It Girl Of The 1990s: A Gallery

Mike Wass | April 19, 2020 2:23 pm
Flashback: Gwen's 'Early Winter'
Gwen Stefani's somber 'Early Winter' should have been a much bigger hit.

While Gwen Stefani is currently scaling the Billboard Hot 100 with a country ballad, there was a time when the reverse-aging icon was the poster girl for alt-rock/ska-punk. And that time was called the 1990s. When No Doubt finally exploding with the seminal “Just A Girl” in 1995, the band had already been a staple of the Cali underground scene for the best part of a decade. Bringing the rebellious, anything-goes approach to fashion of that movement to the mainstream changed the way a whole generation of girls dressed.

From her constantly-changing hair color (who else could get away with peroxide white and black tips?) to her penchant for face jewels (that ever-present bindi was problematic in retrospect), Gwen became as well-known for her outrageous looks as the hits that flowed from Tragic Kingdom. Given her It Girl status and continual reinvention, it’s hard to single out a favorite ensemble. But, if pressed, the baby-blue fur bikini top — with matching hair — teamed with a black skirt, trousers and platform sandals from the 1998 VMAs gets my vote.

Click through Gwen’s most iconic looks from the ’90s above.

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