Missy Elliott Completes Visual EP With “Cool Off”

Mike Wass | April 22, 2020 1:46 pm
Missy Elliott Drops 'Iconology'
She's finally back! The legendary rapper rolls out a new EP called 'Iconology.'

After a 14-year wait (she really tried us), Missy Elliott returned in 2019 with an EP called Iconology. It was jam-packed with bangers — all of which reflected different eras of hip-hop. That journey through the genre’s history was also reflected in the videos. Yes, every song on the EP got a visual. And they were all good. The final installment arrived last night and “Cool Off” is typically ahead of the curve. In it, Missy and a group of dancers turn a museum into a nightclub.

“Back in this bitch, Missy hoppin’ out the sunroof,” the 48-year-old spits over Wili Hendrix’s frenzied beats. “I got ’bout hundred coupes, shooters with me — hundred troops.” That takes us to the spitfire chorus: “Cool off, cool off, cool off.” Iconology has been a fun ride and a timely reminder of the “Work It” queen’s legacy. Now that she has whet our appetite, surely album seven can’t be too far away. Watch Missy’s explosive “Cool Off” video below.

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