The Early Days Of Destiny’s Child: A Gallery

Mike Wass | April 22, 2020 5:51 pm

The recent arrival of Kelly Rowland’s “Coffee” put me in the mood to revisit early Destiny’s Child. Namely, their self-titled debut LP (it houses the iconic “No, No, No” and underrated “With Me”) and 1999’s superstar-making The Writing’s On The Wall. From “Bills, Bills, Bills” to “Say My Name,” the hits from the latter opus defined Y2K R&B. Of course, those early days — between say 1997 and 2000 — were a little chaotic. The lineup changed frequently (poor Farrah Franklin only lasted six months) and Mathew Knowles reportedly wreaked havoc behind the scenes.

There was one constant, however, and that was the quartet or trio’s (depending on the year) ability to serve LOOKS. Miss Tina really outdid herself in the early days, coordinating multiple outfits with enough minor tweaks to let each girl shine. Beyoncé also experimented with her hair, while Kelly became known for her rock-hard abs and ability to look good in any kind of pants. And then there was Michelle Williams, a late addition, who fit the group’s legendary aesthetic like a glove. Take a walk down memory lane by clicking through some of their best ensembles above.

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