Delacey Drops A Dreamy Visual For “Damn”

Mike Wass | April 23, 2020 2:11 pm
Delacey's 'Chapel' Video
The breakout star rolls out an eye-popping video for new single 'Chapel.'

Delacey’s Black Coffee is one of the first great pop albums of 2020, and she’s determined to remind us of it by releasing a steady stream of visuals. The singer/songwriter, who penned “Without Me” for Halsey among other hits, gave us outrageous excess in her “Chapel” video and now dials it right back with the dreamy, sun-dappled “Damn.” And the hazy aesthetic suits the serene song, which samples Sophie B. Hawkins’ 1992 classic “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover,” perfectly.

“I don’t trust myself around you, I’m like a kid in a supermarket,” Delacey begins the mellow bop. “When I’m reaching for your heart, it might as well be a bar of chocolate.” That takes us to the chorus, which interpolates Sophie B.’s original. “Damn, I wish I was your lover,” she purrs over those instantly recognizable keys. “I think I’d be good at it, I think you should let me try it.” As for the visual, the breakout star wanders around the gardens of the iconic Madonna Inn in a trance-like state. Watch below.

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