Skott Rolls Out Animated “Talk About Me” Video

Mike Wass | April 24, 2020 1:55 pm
Skott's 'Kodak & Codeine'
Swedish pop star Skott rolls out a striking video for 'Kodak And Codeine.'

Skott joins this week’s New Music Friday lineup with an eccentric bop called “Talk About Me.” On the surface, it’s an unusually bright and upbeat tune about the lure of fame. But, when you dig a little deeper, there’s a refreshing darkness at play. “You tell me who you see and it isn’t me, you tell me what I’m like but I don’t agree,” the Swedish pop star begins the song. “You think you understand what I’m all about.” She lays out her plans on the chorus. “On a mountain in Nevada they will talk about me,” Skott promises. “Down the river Colorado they will talk about me.”

As it turns out, there’s a whole mythology behind the song. “It’s about a little girl who loses her mind to narcissism while chasing her big dreams,” the “Kodak & Codeine” singer explains. “For the video we snuck pop culture references into this outer space Hollywood-type alternate universe — it’s so far from what I’d normally do,” she continues. “The lyrics tell a story about a little girl who dreams about fame, and it distorts into madness, like she’s losing her mind. But we learn that in reality, she just feels invisible.”

In other exciting Skott news, the Swede’s long-awaited debut LP will drop on June 12. Watch the animated video for the lead single below.

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