Hailee Steinfeld Announces ‘Half Written Story’ EP

Mike Wass | May 8, 2020 12:04 am
Hailee's 'Wrong Direction'
Hailee Steinfeld kicks off 2020 with emotional ballad 'Wrong Direction.'

EDIT: The post has been updated with the full streaming link for Hailee’s new EP. Pay close attention to “I Love You’s” and “Your Name Hurts.” Listen below.

Hailee Steinfeld is releasing an EP called Half Written Story on May 8 as the first installment of a two-part project. The five-song set includes stirring ballad “Wrong Direction” as well as the recently-released “I Love You’s,” which interpolates Annie Lennox’s “No More ‘I Love You’s.'” (Fun fact — Annie’s version is also a cover of an ’80s pop song). The rest of Half Written Story is equally intriguing with tantalizing titles like “Your Name Hurts,” “END This (L.O.V.E.)” and “Man Up.”

Believe it or not, given her steady stream of singles, but this is Hailee’s first larger body of work since 2015’s HAIZ EP. “This project is a collection of songs that are so special to me and I’m incredibly proud of,” the pop star says in the press release. “This is the first body of work I’ve put out since my debut project… and I can’t wait for everyone to hear these new songs.” Check out the full tracklist below and revisit the 23-year-old’s latest single at the bottom of the post.

Hailee’s Half Written Story EP tracklist:

1. I Love You’s

2. Your Name Hurts

3. END This (L.O.V.E.)

4. Man Up

5. Wrong Direction

Listen to the EP:

Hailee’s latest video:

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