New Find: Declan J Donovan’s “Tangerine Skies”

Mike Wass | April 28, 2020 5:47 pm
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EDIT: The post has been updated with Declan’s homemade “Tangerine Skies,” which makes full use of green-screen technology. Watch it below.

From Ed Sheeran to Lewis Capaldi, the UK sure knows how to churn out a decent singer/songwriter. The latest Brit to make waves is 19-year-old Declan J Donovan. After going viral with “Fallen So Young,” the newcomer was snapped up by a major label and released a 7-track EP called Homesick. He now comes through with an upbeat, summery bop about holding on to your youth for as long as you can. “Losing days and working nights, watch the hours ticking by,” Declan begins the feel-good tune. “Funny how we drift apart.”

His solution? “Take my hand and let’s press rewind, we can light up the sparks in our eyes,” the Essex native sings on the chorus. “Let’s just be stupid for one more night, while we dance under tangerine skies.” What inspired the song? “[It’s] about reconnecting with people you were once really close to, and realizing that you’re growing up and wanting one last summer of being carefree with your friends,” Declan explains. Listen to “Tangerine Skies” below and get ready to hear a lot more from this guy in 2020.

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