Premiere: RIP Youth & Bombs Away Feat. Reigan’s “You Love”

Mike Wass | April 29, 2020 12:00 pm

RIP Youth, a new duo comprised of songwriters/producers Dylan Bowes and James Maas, comes out swinging with “You Love.” A collaboration with Aussie hitmakers Bombs Away and rising vocalist Reigan, their debut single is a feel-good bop that effortlessly straddles the worlds of EDM and pop. “That’s why I tell myself, when the sun comes up I am grateful,” Reigan sings on the feel-good chorus. “Don’t be hating on yourself, can’t be anybody else… live the life that you love.” That is followed, of course, by a killer drop.

What inspired the song? “[‘You Love’] represents the present-mindedness that we all possess and reminds us of our similarities,” RIP Youth’s James Maas explains. “The lies we all tell ourselves that can easily distract us from that present level of awareness, most of what we strive for or are unsatisfied with in our lives will need a shift in perspective to choose love.” Give the current state of the world, the duo’s message is needed now more than ever. “This [is] the perfect time for us to spread the love and truth of how similar we all are.”

“You Love” is the first of many RIP Youth singles to be released in 2020. We are excited to premiere their euphoric debut below.

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