Tenille Townes Announces ‘The Lemonade Stand’ LP

Mike Wass | April 29, 2020 3:29 pm
Tenille's 'The Most Beautiful Things'
Tenille Townes drops a new song called 'The Most Beautiful Things.'

Breakout country star Tenille Townes has unveiled the cover and release date of her major-label debut album. The Lemonade Stand arrives on June 26 and includes five tracks from her The Road To The Lemonade Stand EP (“Stupid Boy” is the only song that missed the cut).” The 13-track set, which was produced by Jay Joyce, also houses the recently-released ā€” and utterly enchanting ā€” “The Most Beautiful Things.” With any luck, the album will introduce Tenille to a whole new audience.

“[It’s] a collection of songs that mean so much to me and are the way I see the world in this season of my life right now,” the Canadian crooner reveals. “I want this music to be like a gathering place, where people can come and be filled up. I hope this record reminds people of who they are, that they are not alone, and reminds them of their dreams. This record is the dream that I had when I was a seven-year-old kid singing along in the backseat of the car. She would really be freaking out right now.”

Pre-order The Lemonade Stand here and see the full tracklist below.

Tenille Townes’ The Lemonade Stand tracklist:

1. “Holding Out For The One”

2. “Where You Are”

3. “Jersey On The Wall (Iā€™m Just Asking)”

4. “Lighthouse”

5. “White Horse”

6. “I Kept The Roses”

7. “When I Meet My Maker”

8. “Come As you Are”

9. “The Way You Look Tonight”

10. “Find You”

11. “Somebody’s Daughter”

12. “The Most Beautiful Things”

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