Cher Is Releasing New Music In A Couple Of Weeks

Mike Wass | April 30, 2020 12:36 pm
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We review the pop icon's endearing collection of ABBA cover versions.

Maybe we can have nice things in 2020 after all? Cher fired up her iconic Twitter account last week (I’m late because I got distracted by bleach-gate and the aliens etc.) to let fans know that she’s on the brink of releasing new music. “Finished One pet project,” the living legend beamed. “I Think it’s actually good. will play a bit soon. When it comes out, All [money] will Go To WONDERFUL CHARITY. SO HAPPY … I Think it will make you smile, tear & be calm. Im Happy. it comes out in 2 Week.”

In case you don’t speak fluent Twitter-Cher, the Burlesque icon basically said that she has finished a pet project, which she is very proud of, and promised to donate the proceeds to charity. The sexy 73-year-old reappeared a couple of days later to let everyone know that she is still super stoked. “OK, IM SOOOO EXCITED [endless emojis]‼️ I Cant Wait Till it’s 2 Wks.” Cher then reiterated that she has slaved over the track. “Worked harder on this song than Others Out Of Love. Donating [money].” I’m very ready! See her tweets below.

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