Madonna’s ‘Bedtime Stories’ Is #1 On US iTunes

Mike Wass | April 30, 2020 1:09 pm
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So much unnecessary venom is spewed in Madonna’s direction these days. Stan Twitter hates her with a passion (mainly because she has receipts that their fave can only dream of) and she stumbles from one PR disaster to another. Which makes the fact that something nice happened genuinely surprising. Yes, the Queen of Pop currently has the #1 album on US iTunes… with 1994’s Bedtime Stories. What is going on? Well, we have to thank another iconic fanbase for starting this trend of obtaining justice for underrated albums.

Mariah Carey’s Lambs got the ball rolling by propelling the Glitter soundtrack to number one in 2018. They then repeated the feat earlier this week with E=MC². It didn’t take long for the idea to spread and here we are. The Bedtime Stories revival makes me particularly happy because it is one of Madonna’s most ambitious albums. In the wake of the Sex Book backlash, M could have played it safe and served an album of cute dance-pop bops. Instead, she pushed harder than ever before — dabbling in R&B and house, all while promoting her sex-positive agenda.

There are so many great songs on Bedtime Stories (I need to write a proper retrospective) that it’s hard to pick standouts. However, if pushed, I would go with the soulful lead single — “Secret” is utter bliss — and “Bedtime Story,” which was co-written by Björk. They aptly showcase Madonna’s willingness to experiment and take popular music in unexpected directions. My favorite song on the album? Well, it’s probably a tie between “Forbidden Love” and “Sanctuary.” If you don’t already have a digital copy, buy one here and revisit a true ’90s classic.

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