Another Banger! Charli XCX Drops “I Finally Understand”

Mike Wass | May 7, 2020 12:29 pm
Charli XCX Drops 'Forever'
The UK pop star kicks off her quarantine LP with a song called 'Forever.'

Charli XCX rolls out “I Finally Understand” as the third single from her upcoming quarantine LP, How I’m Feeling Now, and it’s another flawless banger. Produced by Palmistry, the electro-pop anthem deals with matters of the heart. “The walls are all gone, did we melt them down? Liquid in my hands, liquid in my mouth,” the Brit belts over warped synths and lashings of drum and bass. “Footage on my phone, did it with your tongue and now we’re sticking close, and I understand.” That takes us to the chorus.

“Baby, I love you bad, ’cause lately I finally understand,” Charli coos. “That maybe this feeling that I’ve found might kill me, put me in the ground.” All in all, it’s another stellar pop song that benefits from being a little rough around the edges. While How I’m Doing Now will forever be associated with lockdown due to the timing and transparency with which it was made, on the basis of “Forever,” “Claws” and “I Finally Understand,” I think we’re getting a concept album about love. Listen below.

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