18 Pre-Superstardom Pics Of Katy Perry

Mike Wass | May 11, 2020 3:34 pm
Katy Perry Announces 'Daisies'
Katy Perry will release 'Daisies' as the first single from 'KP5.'

Katy Perry will officially introduce her 5th album with a new single called “Daisies” on May 15. After whetting our appetite with a steady stream of very good stand-alone singles (“Never Really Over” is my fave), the pop star is finally ready to dive into a new era — global pandemic or not! To celebrate the imminent return of the “Bon Appétit” queen, I have scoured the depths of Getty Images to find a handful of adorable pre-fame pics. Actually, pre-superstardom is more fitting because Katy was being touted as the Next Big Thing as early as 2004.

Before striking gold with “I Kissed A Girl,” the mom-to-be had already been signed to a couple of labels and recorded a song called “Simple” (below) for The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants soundtrack. Katy also provided backing vocals for Mick Jagger and P.O.D., and appeared in music videos for Carbon Leaf and Gym Class Heroes. She eventually signed with Capitol Records, got the blogs talking with “Ur So Gay” and then changed pop music forever with her debut LP. Click through some early Katy pics up top.

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