LANY Introduces ‘Mama’s Boy’ With “good guys”

Mike Wass | May 13, 2020 2:58 pm
Lauv & LANY's 'Mean It'
Lauv teams up with LANY for an emo anthem called 'Mean It.'

LANY is back with a new single called “good guys” and it’s something of a return to their pre-fame roots. In that it has a more organic sound. The catchy track is essentially about pretending to be an asshole to get the girl. (It’s a cold world). “I wanna call you up, tell you how I feel,” frontman Paul Klein begins the song. “But I might scare you away if I get too real.” His dilemma becomes apparent on the chorus. “I just wanna give you everything, show you I’m a Southern gentleman,” Paul sings. “All I wanna do is let you in, but good guys, good guys never win.”

What inspired the song? Well, real life. “As soon as you say ‘I love spending time with you’ to someone, they figure something out and they’re not interested anymore,” LANY explains in the press release. “It’s like a challenge. You accomplish the task of getting someone to like you and they move on.” Sounds about right. “good guys” is the lead single from the trio’s upcoming third LP, Mama’s Boy. Watch the mellow video for the track, which was co-written with Sasha Sloan and King Henry, below.

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