Maisie Peters Builds Momentum With “The List”

Mike Wass | May 15, 2020 12:07 am

Maisie Peters cements her status as One To Watch with an intensely relatable, relentless catchy tune called “The List.” The rising singer/songwriter, who contributed “Smile” to Birds Of Prey: The Album, shares her path to self-improvement over piano chords and gentle beats. “I have a hobby of picking myself apart, leaving people I love waiting in the dark,” she begins the song. “And sometimes when I want to cry, I laugh — it’s kind of funny.” That takes us to the sing-along chorus.

“There’s a list of things that I should stop, list of things that I should not be doing but I do ’em,” the 19-year-old sings. “It’s a pattern that I got.” What inspired the song? “It’s about liking yourself, even in moments when you really really don’t like yourself,” the Brit explains. “It’s also about coping mechanisms and my actual inability to look anyone in the eye, and my constant need to make jokes about anything even remotely sincere or sad.” Listen to what could well be Maisie’s breakthrough hit below.

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