New Find: AJA Reinvents Herself With “Nerve”

Mike Wass | May 15, 2020 6:43 pm

AJA first made waves in 2017 as the voice of Gazzo’s “Heart Won’t Beat,” an upbeat dance-pop song that became an instant hit with Radio Disney. She followed that up with a couple of age-appropriate singles and a well-received debut EP called It’s Complicated. The 16-year-old now reinvents herself with “Nerve.” Edgier and more sophisticated than the tracks that came before it, this is essentially a female-empowerment anthem about standing up for yourself. “I don’t know why I’m trying so hard… when I barely even like you,” AJA declares.

The Canadian teen then lays down the law on the sing-along chorus. “You’ve got some nerve coming to my house, asking where I’ve been,” AJA belts, “missing all my calls, calling me your friend.” This is not only successful in revamping the breakout star’s sound, it also showcases her powerful pipes. At a time when whisper-pop is king, she is a throwback to a time when pop stars could really sing. Fall in love with “Nerve” below. AJA is definitely One To Watch in 2020.

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