Donna Missal Drops “Let You Let Me Down” From ‘Lighter’ LP

Mike Wass | May 16, 2020 3:14 pm

It’s wild that people are still sleeping on Donna Missal in 2020. The New Jersey native possesses one of the most powerful voices in music and already has one impeccable album under her belt. With any luck, “Let You Let Me Down” could be a long-overdue commercial breakthrough. After all, this is soaring, alt-skewered pop/rock anthem of the highest caliber. “You played your hand, I played the fool by taking a chance,” she sings in a verse. “You held my hands, takes two to dance — now you’re playing it cool.”

By the time the chorus hits, Donna is sick of being played. “The worst part is that I let you into my heart, so you can build me up to break me,” the “Hurt By You” singer belts. “The worst part is I that let you let me down.” What’s the song about? “I wanted to talk about the role I played in letting something consume me and burn me down,” she explains. “In ‘Let You Let Me Down,’ I’m addressing that I need to change too, so I don’t rebuild myself the same way but come back from it stronger and better.”

The track features on Donna’s much-anticipated sophomore LP, Lighter (due July 10). You can pre-order/save it here. Peruse the full tracklist and watch the rising star’s delightfully DIY “Let You Let Me Down” video below.

Donna’s Lighter tracklist:

1. How Does It Feel

2. Hurt By You

3. Carefully

4. Best Friend

5. Slow Motion

6. Let You Let Me Down

7. Bloom

8. Just Like You

9. Who Loves You

10. I’m Not Ready

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