Oliver Tree Unveils Cover Of ‘Ugly Is Beautiful’

Mike Wass | May 19, 2020 1:10 am
Oliver Tree Drops 'Let Me Down'
Bowl-cut enthusiast Oliver Tree drops a new single called 'Let Me Down.'

EDIT: Oliver Tree has revealed the release date of his much-anticipated debut LP after literally being held hostage. It drops June 12. See the announcement video below.

Oliver Tree is one of the few originals left in popular music. When he’s not performing on stilts, bucking fashion trends or dramatically retiring, the 26-year-old is releasing ’90s-influenced, alt-rock/pop concoctions of the highest caliber. He’s also something of a troll. The release date of his much-anticipated debut LP, Ugly Is Beautiful, has changed more times than I can keep up with, but at least we have a cover. Oliver (or someone in his team) fired up Instagram to share the artwork tonight (May 18).

And honestly, it was worth the wait. The thinking wo/man’s sex symbol rocks his trackback flares and windbreaker, while a wall of flames burns behind him in the shape of a tree. “Oliver’s tied up at the moment so let me explain how this is going to work,” the image was captioned. “I hacked into his email and found the official cover art for his debut album Ugly Is Beautiful so here it is. I also found the release date, but if you want that I’m going to need something from you. 500,000 comments and I’ll give you the release date tonight.”

The cover:

The release date:

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