New Find: Ryann Impresses With “Andrew”

Mike Wass | May 19, 2020 5:26 pm
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Ryann really needs to be on your radar. The LA-based singer/songwriter recently blessed New Music Friday with a bittersweet, bedroom-pop anthem called “Andrew” and it’s quite the calling card. “You kissed her right in front of me, I still watch it like it’s playing on my tv screen,” the newcomer begins the song over Andy Seltzer’s lo-fi production. “I won’t lie, a part of me’s still standing in that crowd.” It soon becomes apparent that “Andrew” documents one of those relationships you can’t quite shake.

“My first love and all you ever did was let me down,” Ryann admits, before launching into the chorus: “Andrew, what’s it gonna take to forget you? Drunk and afraid on a sofa in your college apartment.” It’s mellow, melancholy and gently gut-wrenching. “Andrew” is the latest (very good) song from Ryann’s debut EP. Other tracks, which definitely warrant a listen, include “JFK” and “Drive.” Watch the suitably DIY video for “Andrew” below.

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