Foxes Is Back With “Love Not Loving You”

Mike Wass | May 20, 2020 12:18 pm

UK pop star Foxes returns with her first new single in four years. Louisa Rose Allen (her real name) took a well earned break after dropping All I Need in 2016 and now bounces back, better than ever, with “Love Not Loving You.” Produced by Lucy Hawes, the “Clarity” hitmaker’s latest is essentially about liberation. “I don’t need you to call me to tell me I’m alright, I don’t need you to knock on my door in the dead of the night,” she begins the bop. “You are always giving me all of your insecurities.”

By the time the chorus rolls around, Foxes is grateful to rid of all that bad energy. “You broke me out of a fever, you make me feel like someone else,” the 31-year-old belts over a chunky pop groove. “You make me dance like I mean it, now I love, now I love, now I love not loving you.” What inspired the track? “This song is about finally falling in love with myself, about not depending on anyone else for my own happiness, and being able to stand on my own two feet. I hope the message in this song can inspire others to do the same,” Foxes reveals.

Watch the innovative video, which juxtaposes classical art with the comeback queen’s modern, pop aesthetic, below. It was filmed in quarantine with the (remote) guidance of director Rauri Cantelo.

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