The Weeknd Taps Doja Cat For “In Your Eyes” Remix

Mike Wass | May 21, 2020 2:49 pm
The Weeknd's 'In Your Eyes' Video
Abel loses his head — literally — in his gory 'In Your Eyes' video clip.

The Weeknd’s ’80s-influenced, synth-soaked After Hours is shaping up to be the biggest album of 2020. It has already produced two number one hits (“Heartless” and “Blinding Lights”) and could deliver a third with “In Your Eyes” — particularly now that Doja Cat has jumped on the remix. After Abel sets the tone by singing about a love that is disappearing before his eyes, the “Say So” queen gives her side of the story. “I never lied when I cried for you and I know you cried too,” she coos. “Hate the way I feel love, only hurts with real love.”

Doja then flips a switch and starts rapping. “One day, I’m giving you space and the next day, you’re giving me faces,” she spits. “Can’t stop staring at you, it’s like I forgot that staring is rude.” In an era of shabbily cobbled together remixes, this combination actually makes sense — and brings a much-needed female perspective into The Weeknd’s dark and gloomy world. Don’t be too surprised if “In Your Eyes” scales the charts in the weeks to come. Listen to Doja’s remix below.

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