Mariah Carey’s Iconic ‘Glitter’ Promo: A Gallery

Mike Wass | May 22, 2020 12:51 pm
Mariah's Underrated 'E=MC²'
We reflect on the underrated genius of Mariah Carey's 'E=MC².'

Mariah Carey is a woman of her word. The living legend promised to put the Glitter soundtrack on streaming services when Lambs got justice for the underrated opus and today (May 22), it magically appeared. There’s so much to love about this album. “Loverboy” is a classic bop, “Never Too Far” ranks as one of the 5-Octave Angel’s best ballads, “Don’t Stop (Funkin’ 4 Jamaica)” is the dancehall moment you didn’t know you needed and “Didn’t Mean To Turn You On” stand out as one of Mimi’s best cover versions.

In order to celebrate the streaming release of Glitter, I thought it would be fun to look back at Mariah’s iconic promo efforts. This era gave us that hot pink boombox, a performance on top of a Swarovski crystal covered motorcycle for VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards and a series of memorable candids on the streets of New York, London and Paris. So crack open your last bottle of Butterfly, play “Reflections (Care Enough)” at full volume and take a trip back to 2001 by clicking through the gallery up top.

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