Isabela Merced Drops ‘The Better Half Of Me’ EP

Mike Wass | May 22, 2020 3:01 pm
Isabela Merced's 'Papi'
The budding pop star rolls out a Latin-pop banger called 'Papi.'

After conquering the acting world, Isabela Merced (formerly Moner) turned her attention to pop in late 2019. The Dora The Explorer star made a great first impression with a sultry bop called “Papi” and now rolls out her debut EP. Surprisingly, her debut single didn’t make the cut. Not that it matters. The better half of me is jam-packed with bilingual bangers. From the feel-good Latin rhythms of “​apocalipsis” to the urban-leaning “the chase,” this is all killer, no filler.

Of particular note is “toda esta bien,” a sun-dappled, Spanish-language ode to Miami. Produced by g.o.k.b., this breezy anthem is the musical equivalent of a quick trip to South Beach. Other highlights include “chocolate,” which is brought to you by the producers behind “Despacito,” and “the chase.” Both songs were co-written with Justin Tranter and showcase Isabela’s fully-formed pop aesthetic. Stream the better half of me in full below.

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