They’re Back! Monsta X Drops ‘FANTASIA X’ Mini Album

Mike Wass | May 26, 2020 4:43 pm
Monsta X Drops 'ALL ABOUT LUV'
The K-Pop boy band makes history with their epic 'ALL ABOUT LUV' LP.

They’re back! Korean pop gods Monsta X are back with a mini-album called FANTASIA X and, as expected, it soared straight to number one on the iTunes chart. The project is comprised of seven bangers that are guaranteed to make you feel good. Which is the whole point. “I know people all around the world are having a hard time right now,” Shownu explains. “I’m hoping we can give a little bit of fun to everyone through the release of our new album.” It’s safe to say they achieved that object.

Monsta X also uses the mini-album to create a world in which they would want to live. “Every day, we repeatedly experience trial and error,” the boy band reveals. “Nonetheless, we take on tomorrow without taking any break. We put forth a hundred efforts just to get one thing, but it’s so easy for that tiny bit to disappear. Just as the fierce process and intense competition make us stronger, we are heading [to] a place that won’t shake in the face of the heavy storm, jealousy, expectations, and disappointment.” Intriguing.

It’s hard to pick highlights from the first listen because all seven songs are good, but “FANTASIA,” “FLOW” and “IT AIN’T OVER” are standouts. Stream FANTASIA X in full below and then watch their dazzling “FANTASIA” video at the bottom of the post. Given the success of ALL ABOUT LUV, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200, expect the mini-album to make a big impression on next week’s chart.


Watch the video for “FANTASIA”:

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